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Between People:

The Affirmative Project’s Between People runs

Friday, October 27, 7:30-9:30pm

Saturday, October 28, 2-4 pm AND 7:30-9:30 pm

Sunday, October 29, 2-4pm AND 7:30-9:30 pm

Between People is a site-specific performance in Jim Bush Studios designed to take audience members through a one hour thirty minute participatory affirmative ritual.   The piece will combine visual art installation, lighting, projection art, sound design, scenography, live music, dance, poetry, theatre, and performance, to create a complete aesthetic environment and immersive journey.

Between People invites a return to the source of what we hold sacred as humans.  This performance welcomes us into contained environment whose mission is medicine and whose prescriptions are designed to fulfill the specific needs of each individual moving through its circles of care.

Intimacy, sustainability, and interdependence are primary in this place. Its inhabitants are situated in a permanently liminal, or in-between state, where ritual is the most effective form of language and change is the only constant.  

Here, assimilation is rejected, non-linear narratives are embraced, and multiple dimensions can be accessed simultaneously. This makes possible the kind of radical healing that can contain both the forest fire and the tree planting ceremony.  

This is a space that has room for every kind of narrative, reality, or emotion. You make the space, I make the space, we make the space.  The creators of Between People invite themselves and the audience to unite as one entity.

An entity that embraces vulnerability as a fiercely honest way of living, and radical honesty as the necessary condition for vulnerability.

An entity that does battle with systemic injustice and forces of structural oppression by first embracing its own demons, holding space for its own pain, and beginning to build the beloved community.

This is a world where magic truly is happening, even right now, as we are unknowingly choosing it.